From My clients

Wow! We took the dogs into town today, and Luca was so good. He is definitely a better dog. Thank you.

Denise D.

Manchester Center, Vermont

Thank you for the session with Sinatra and Haya-ji. Even though Sinatra told you it would take him a while to get past his issues, I have already seen an improvement in him. Before your visit he had been very lethargic, slept a great deal, and ate very little. Now he is up and walking around, eating more, and playing a bit more each day. He has even gone so far as to sleep on the bed with me for a bit, which is something he rarely ever did. I can only imagine how much more Sinatra is going to improve over the next few months. Thank you so much.

Mary L.

Albany, NY

Your visit was so great for all of us. I thank you immensely for your services! Winky is happier. The insistent caterwauling has greatly lessened. Since your visit both of the boys take Winky more seriously. Hopper, especially, has shown a stronger sensitivity to other animals as well. You have had a ripple effect. Imagine. We can make a difference in the world. One person at a time.
Brooke M.

Schenectady, NY

Your communication with our two dogs, Bubba and Phoenix, was extremely helpful. I can’t begin to tell you what a profound impact it had on all of us. Bubba was able to be with us for many weeks after that and we were able to put him down with peace in our hearts. He taught us much about letting go.
Jennifer H

Albany, NY

What a pleasure it was getting to share the knowledge you’re gifted with perceiving. What you told me about Faith and Otis was “dead on.” Thank you for coming into our lives and sharing your gifts. I feel like you were an angel sent to me at a time I really needed one.
Tricia S.

Grand Cayman, British West Indies

What a great comfort it is to hear those kind words Damien offered through you. You have helped me to see Damien’s life and death as something beautiful to learn and grow from. Grief is the price we pay for love. Thank you for reminding me of that. I hope to speak to you again. Many Thanks.
Nancy F.

Keene, NH

I have been telling my friends about our “session,” how remarkable it was, and how wonderful I feel about the entire experience. I must admit that I am surprised at the degree of peace of mind I am enjoying now, thanks to you and your gifts. Thank you so much.
Sharon M.

Cohoes, NY

I feel the animals are very lucky to have you intercede for them. You have such a gentle, caring energy and I really appreciated the information you shared with me.
Josie B.

Bethlehem, NY

Thank you for choosing this path for your life’s work; I’m sure it isn’t easy and that you must face a lot of skepticism. Please know that you fill a tremendous need to those of us who love animals and also those who only need someone like yourself to help them remember how connected we are to each living creature.
Ed and Robin P.

Schenectady, NY

Thank you so much for talking to me about Greycie, Bentley and Glorie. Your insight is unbelievable. You had all 3 of my dogs pegged exactly right. You are very talented and gifted. Thank you again.
Lisa L.

Rock Hill, SC