I was at the home of a client in the late afternoon of a workday. My client breeds corgis, and there were a few that I spoke with, including a lovely female, whose name is Bloom. So, there was a long wooden bench with pretty thin-looking padding, but Bloom wanted to jump up on it. She’d go over to the bench and put her front paws on it, but that’s as far as she’d get. She didn’t know how to get her long corgi body to follow her front paws.

So, I communicated with her, making a little telepathic movie in my head, and showing it to her while describing the process she’d need to go through in order to get up on that bench.

I showed the movie and indicated what I was describing by showing her what to do. She needed to back up a few feet, move to the bench with some speed, and lift her front and back end simultaneously so all four paws landed on the bench, the rear ones following the front.

Later that evening, my client texted me a photo of Bloom sitting next to the client’s husband, at the far end of the sofa, actually. (Much more comfortable than the bench.) She told me that her girl had been jumping on and off the sofa like a child. When I told this story to a friend, she suggested that Bloom was practicing. I am more inclined to think that she was so excited by what she could do now that she was having a lot of fun doing it! It could be a bit of both.