Listen With Your Heart


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Animal Communicator, David Louis, shares his experiences over the last 20 years working with animals and their human companions.



Now Available

Animal Communicator, David Louis, shares his experiences over the last 20 years working with animals and their human companions.

In David’s Words

The purpose of this book is to introduce you to the process of telepathy, beginning with the incidents and occurrences in my life which led me to fully embrace this unusual practice, to share with the reader the fascinating experiences I have with animals in my daily life, and to explore and reflect upon many issues related to how humans perceive their animal companions and how our perceptions influence the relationships we have with them. The “official” name for what I do is interspecies telepathic communication, and I have been using its techniques successfully for over two decades to improve the relationships between ourselves and our domestic companions. I’ve dedicated my work to animals who are members of human families or companions of individuals. My mission is to facilitate healing, happiness, and improved communication between people and their animal companions. I have written this book for everyone who loves animals.

My hope is to expose you to the joy and insight that comes from knowing animals in a manner more intimate than that with which most individuals are familiar. The stories have to do with everything from picking an animal’s name to changing problem behaviors to preparing for their passing to communicating with them in the afterlife.

When we deepen the experience of conscious contact between ourselves and our animals, both people and animals experience the unimaginably beautiful state of deep connection and communion with each other.

Excerpts from the Foreword written by Penelope Smith

“David’s book is full of mystical adventures that took him by surprise, and entertaining scenes of communicating with animals that lead him forward on his journey of discovery.  You will enjoy the tender tales of communicating heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul that David shares and have a lot to ponder about the often miraculous results of animal communication.”

Penelope Smith, founding pioneer animal communicator, and author of Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, and Animals in Spirit

$2 from every book sale is donated to animal rescue groups.


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