Ghent group saves dogs & They Practice the “Arf” of Communication

By Diana Ladden

David Louis in The Independent
David Louis in The Independent

Problems with your Pet or Animal? An Animal Psychic Can Help!

Animal Psychics, or communicators, are able to communicate with your pets telepathically, in the same manner most psychics use to communicate with humans. You may be wishing you could talk to your pets to understand their obedience problems, why they always seem sad or aggressive, or even to learn more about health problems your animal may be experiencing that are not responding well to veterinary treatment. Or, you may be wishing to speak to a deceased or missing pet. Click to read more

David Louis, Animal Communicator at This One Wild Life
David Louis in the Hoosier Times 2005

Thoughts from an Animal Communicator

PRX Podcast by Paul Messing

A refreshing group of stories and emotional insights into the world of communicating with animals of all sorts, from David Louis, a gifted storyteller.

This is a collection of thoughts and stories from animal communicator David Louis, who appears in my pilot program, “For Kindred Spirits.”

Many listeners will find this refreshing and emotionally honest material as it relates to all animals, and basic feelings of love and understanding. David has a unique way of relating stories that are easy to listen to, fun, engaging, and quite moving, whether or not you are a “believer.” See what you think!

Hey, cut out that Squawking, I’m talking to you

Article by Kristi L. Gustafson. Click here to read the article