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What to expect during a session

While I live in New York, we can connect from anywhere in the world by phone or Facebook messenger video. Once you and I speak for a moment or two, I will sit quietly and connect with your animal’s energy. During that time, I’ll take notes. I will then share the words and images that come to me and then begin a dialog between you and your pet.
Once we arrange a time, you will need to provide a photo of the animal with whom you wish to connect and, when we begin communicating, I will need you to be present.

Does the animal have to be with me when we do the session?

No, it is not necessary to have the animal with you when we are speaking.

My Rate

My rate is $100/hour for a phone consultation or home visit and phone sessions can be as short as 15 minutes.

A half hour phone session is $60, 15 minutes is $40, 45 minutes would be $75, and anything in between is prorated. I charge for my time, so I hope you’ll understand that I don’t drive anywhere for less than my full hourly rate.

Let's Get Started

David Louis
PO Box 36
Averill Park, NY 12018

(518) 892- 9161

Make a Payment

Visit Paypal to make an easy and secure payment to Talk2youranimals@aol.com

Help with Homeless Animals

Dedicated to orphaned pets as much as I am to those in loving homes, I am happy to offer gift certificates, speak at fundraising events, or provide services at rescue events for which all proceeds go toward your organization. Contact me to discuss how I can help the animals within your rescue organization or shelter.

Happy to answer any questions.  Please use the form below.