David Louis Animal Communicator

About David & Animal Communication

David Louis is a well-known Animal Communicator. He has been communicating with and providing emotional healing for other species since 2001. David’s vast array of experience with everything from dogs, cats, horses, birds, and rabbits to ferrets, bearded dragons, and hedgehogs has given David a unique perspective that he enthusiastically shares with audiences everywhere. David’s heartwarming stories will help you understand how the animals you see every day experience their world and their relationships with you.

David has studied interspecies communication extensively with the finest teachers available, most notably Penelope Smith (www.animaltalk.net) the author of four books on the subject, including Animal Talk and When Animals Speak. He has assisted Penelope with her workshops at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and the Omega Institute. David is listed in Penelope Smith’s Directory of Approved Animal Communicators. He lives in Wynantskill, New York with his family, which includes his wife, stepchildren, and their ever changing family of cats and dogs.

As an animal communicator for over 20 years, he has taught, presented workshops, talks, and sessions throughout the northeastern United States, and consulted throughout the U.S., Canada, South America, the Cayman Islands, the Middle East, the U.K., and Europe.

What Drives Me

My Mission

My name is David Louis and my life’s mission, both personally and professionally, is to bring you and your animals together through extraordinary means to facilitate healing, happiness and improved communication.

There are many reasons why people just like you seek my help. It can be as simple as satisfying a slight curiosity, as complex as determining the most compassionate time to let your dear friend go, or or as essential as a physical issue that can improve your animal’s quality of life.


Does your pet exhibit curious behavior? Have you rescued an animal from a shelter situation? Whether your pet is simply fun-loving and mischievous or suffering from lingering imprints from life prior to meeting you, understanding the love for fun or a lingering fear of abandonment can help you to better enjoy a wonderful future together.

Deciding When to Let Go

The most difficult and painful experience for a pet parent is facing the end of their beloved animal’s life. Over the years I have met many people who suffer guilt over the process of saying goodbye to their pets. Is it too soon? Am I waiting too long? How do I know? The most bittersweet, and most rewarding experiences I’ve had as a communicator are when I have the honor of assisting a pet parent in navigating those final days. When I connect to an animal’s energy, I know whether they are ready to go.  Their end of life communications to their people have been transformative for those they are leaving behind.

Finding Physical Triggers

As an animal communicator and not a veterinarian, I do not make diagnoses or prescriptions. But one of the things that occurs when I connect with an animal is that I experience their physical symptoms. This allows me to advise you to seek medical attention when necessary. Often this can save potential suffering, as well as time and resources.

Whatever your reason for wanting to deepen your connection, I invite you to contact me to help facilitate the communication between you and your animal. Let’s embark on this journey together.