This is Roxanne. She belonged to an elementary school teacher and her husband. I met her in the summer when she had just a few months to live. Her family wanted to know how she was feeling, and what they could do to make her last days happy and comfortable. Kathy, Roxanne’s owner, had a lot of questions.

A: Doesn’t she want to go in the swimming pool anymore?

Q: Roxanne showed me that she wasn’t strong enough to get out of the pool, as the water would rush to her back legs and make them too heavy. She showed me the sprinkler, instead.

Q: Yes, we did that yesterday. She liked it! What about the boat? Would she like to go on the boat again?

A: Yes, Roxanne told me, she’d like to go on the boat one last time.

Q: What about our walks? She and I love to walk in the woods behind the house. Does she still want to do that?

A: She does want to go for walks, Roxanne told me, but she would rather go in front of the house, on the street, so she could see the people and the dogs that she knows in the neighborhood.
And lastly:

Q: She’s been such a good friend to me. What else can I do for her now?

A: Roxanne’s answer was simple, and it was one I’ve heard before. Just be with me. Spend time with me. Hang out. Let’s just enjoy each other’s company and remember all the good times we had.

I wanted to thank you again for coming to my house and helping me with my dog. On Monday Roxanne passed away at our home in my arms. Luckily, she was doing ok up until Sunday night. Being the kind of dog/friend she was, she knew we could not have taken her to the vet; she did it on her own. As you had said, she just wanted to spend as much time as she could with me and that’s exactly what I did this summer. I took her for a short walk, brought her on our boat with my husband; hugged her, and gave her a LOT of love. I just wanted to let you know your thoughts really helped me this summer, and now in my sadness, they comfort me.

Thank you,

Rotterdam, NY